Annotating Rudyard Kipling's "If"

Cassidy Serhienko, Erin Milne, Jayson Maruschak, Stephanie Shaw 

Our goal was to make our annotations of Kipling’s “If” as accessible as possible to someone who has strong reading skills but not an extensive knowledge of poetry, such as a first-year English student. We chose four categories for our annotations: interpretive, language, historical context, and structure/form. We chose to divide the work by categories (though some of us shared categories to divide the work more evenly) because we decided that it would allow the annotations to flow better, rather than splitting the poem up by stanzas. We wanted to provide basic background about who the author is and what context he was writing in. We did not want to overload the reader with information, and included interpretative analysis and links to outside resources that could aid the reader in forming their own understanding of the poem.

Groups audience: