Testimonials from Users of COVE Studio and COVE Editions

Robert Tench, Head of Resource Fulfillment, Old Dominion University

It’s so encouraging to see the value and use we are getting from COVE Studio. If only all the other products only cost us so little per view/use!

Student, Carolina Coastal University

I was definitely interacting with the text more than I normally would’ve. This allowed me to understand it more, especially because we had to connect our annotations back to the story. ... Overall, I loved this experience and even thought it was kind of fun. It helped me to be more engaged when reading.

Student, Toronto Metropolitan University

I was kind of expecting this class to be the same as how it’s been when I’ve taken other past literature classes—repetitive and coming to the same conclusion, generally a boring or static class. But, with this one it brought everyone’s opinions and their ideas into a collaborative space that we built together, I think that’s neat.

Professor Laura Rotunno, Penn State, Altoona

COVE is not "just another" course management system or platform. My students and I have been encouraged and challenged by the in-depth, innovative discussion and projects that our work with COVE has fostered. As a professor, COVE has been an "idea generator" for me, offering me a site where I can try out new kinds of assignments to engage students from angles that I previously did not feel confident enough to attempt. COVE is making me a bolder, more daring professor.

Professor Kimberley Cox, Chadron State University

Given that I teach at a rural open-enrollment college, there are two primary factors when I choose textbooks: cost and accessibility. COVE is both cost effective and easy to navigate and interact with.

Harley Rhoades, Student, Chadron State University

I really enjoyed COVE. I found the site to be extremely easy to use and doing annotations through COVE was straightforward and simple. It was also very affordable, which I appreciate as a college student! I would encourage continued use of the program!

Professor Elaine Hadley, University of Chicago

I really value teaching with COVE Studio—it is efficient and enhances my teaching. Studio assures we are all looking at and working with the same piece. I routinely project the text up on the classroom screen, during which we have focused, detailed conversations about the text, with annotations at the ready. I especially like that annotations can be rich interfaces with the text: commentary, video, websites.

Professor Catherine Golden, Skidmore College

I carried COVE Studio and Editions into in-person teaching because of the many learning opportunities it provides advanced and introductory students, who extended their COVE annotations into paper writing to great success. I plan to use COVE Editions and COVE Studio in all my courses this coming year because the tool fosters innovation and enriches literary study as well as writing. 

Emilka Jansen, Student, Skidmore College

COVE has been a highlight of my classes. With the help of this user-friendly site, I had the opportunity to collaboratively work with my peers in creating two gallery exhibitions. COVE Editions made the process exciting and seamless, allowing me to view my classmates’ progress as our exhibition came together from start to finish. I’m thrilled that our work gets to be part of such a wide digital network—I can’t think of a better platform than COVE. 

Professor Seth T. Reno, Auburn University Montgomery

Working with graduate students on creating a peer-reviewed critical edition has been a valuable experience for the students (and me!), in terms of scholarly research, pedagogy, and professional training. It’s particularly valuable as a way to introduce students to professional editing and publishing, which will help them in a variety of careers after graduation.

Professor Joshua King, Baylor University

I have adopted COVE in classes for the past four years; I've continued to find COVE an excellent resource, in both undergraduate and graduate classes, for stimulating engaged analysis and discussion of texts and helping students to 'locate' what they read in time and space, both within and beyond the nineteenth century. 

Professor Mary-Catherine Harrison, Chair, University of Detroit, Mercy

Working with the COVE team has been incredible. The breadth of material in COVE Studio means most of the readings I want to assign are already available. When I needed additional texts for a class anthology the team vetted and digitized them quickly and they were ready to go before the semester began. 

Professor Bettina Pedersen, Point Loma Nazarene University

COVE has been a terrific digital platform to build the textual community of my classes both in COVID lockdown and face-to-face teaching, and it is so affordable. COVE Studio has ensured that my students develop consistent annotation and close reading skills. COVE Editions has improved my students' knowledge of the geography encountered in British literature and allowed them to see historical connections as they built their timelines. COVE has not replaced our use of print books but has dramatically improved the quality of our reading them together.