Talks / Articles


Ava Bindas, Kenneth Crowell, Joanne Ruth Davis, Dino Franco Felluga, Jun Yi Goh, Cherrie Kwok, K. Marielle Morgan, Rebecca Nesvet, and Adrian S. Wisnicki:

“COVE, One More Voice, and the Recovery of BIPOC Voices from Victorian Periodicals.” Victorian Periodicals Review, forthcoming 2024.

Dino Franco Felluga:

“The Eventuality of the Digital.” 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century 21 (2015). DOI:

"Going a Step Further than Open Access and Open Source: COVE and the Promise of Open Assembly," Victorians Institute Journal 49 (2022): 198-209. DOI:

Dino Franco Felluga, Priyanka A. Jacob, and Rebecca Nesvet:

“COVE and Open Assembly: How to Deal with the Structural Racism of the Traditional Print Anthology,” Victorian Review, forthcoming.

Dino Franco Felluga and David Rettenmaier:

“Can Victorian Studies Reclaim the Means of Production?  Saving the (Digital) Humanities,” Journal of Victorian Studies 24.3 (July 2019). DOI:

Catherine J. Golden:

The Brontë Cabinet:  A Virtual Gallery." Visualizing Objects, Places, and Spaces: A Digital Project Handbook. DOI:

Kate Faber Oestreich:

"From Print Novel to Transmedia Storytelling: Adapting Travel in Jane Eyre: An Autobiography and The Autobiography of Jane Eyre." South Atlantic Review 88 (2023): 65-86.

Bettina Tate Pedersen

“Collaboration and Community Building with Print and Digital Platforms in the Remote Classroom." Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies.

Talks and Workshops

Jay Clayton:

“The Virtual Aesthete: A Room, a Life, and a Legacy in 3D,” including use of the COVE timeline tool, NAVSA/AVSA supernumerary conference, La Pietra, Florence, Italy, May 2017.  

Kenneth Crowell:

 “Metering Access to Victorian Poetry: Lessons from the COVE on Prosody, the Semantic Web, Disability, and Universal Access to Extra-semantic Grammatical Data.” NAVSA/AVSA Supernumerary Conference, La Pietra, Florence, Italy, May 2017.​

“Metering Access to Pedagogy: Digital Humanities, Prosody, the Semantic Web, Disability, and Universal Access to Extra-semantic Grammatical Data.” Auburn University CLA Diversity Symposium, Auburn U, March 2017

Dino Franco Felluga:

"COVE and the Promise of Open Assembly: Going One Step Further than Open Access," Hellenic Association for the Study of English, 2nd Online Colloquium, The Role of Digital Humnities in Challenging Times, 19 June 2021.

“How to Teach Dickens Asynchronously: COVE and COVID-19,” #Dickens150, 9 June 2020 (a fully virtual, online conference).

“COVE, SHORE, Sustainability,” Modern Language Association, Seattle, WA, January 2020.

“Supporting Human Online Research and Education: A Workshop on New Tools,” the Equality Lab, William & Mary College, November 2019.
“The Digital Humanities and Academic Crisis,” Department of English, William & Mary College, November 2019.
“Finding the SHORE:  How to Navigate the Crisis of the Humanities,” Data Caucus Conference, U of Virginia, November 2019.

“Finding the SHORE:  The Digital Humanities and Academic Crisis,” U of Alabama, September 2019.

“Decoding the Future:  RoN,RaVoN,BRANCH,COVE,PRO,SHORE and the Evolution of the Digital Humanities,” U of California, Santa Barbara, March 2019.

“Can Victorian Studies Reclaim the Means of Production?  Saving the (Digital) Humanities,” November 2018 at Dalhousie U; December 2018 at l’Université de Montréal.

“Can Elizabeth Barrett Browning Save the Humanities?” Baylor University, November 2017.

“The COVE and SHORE: Responding to the Crisis Facing the Humanities,” U of Cambridge, March 2017.

“Rethinking our Relation to the Corpus: Towards a Momentous Edition,” May 2016 at Birkbeck U and the U of Exeter.

“Root and BRANCH: New Possibilities for Scholarship in the Digital Age,” Iowa State U, October 2015.

“The Eventuality of the Digital,” North American Victorian Studies Association Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, July 2015. Plenary panel.

“Victorian Digital Futures,” Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference, Atlanta, GA, April 2015. Plenary panel.

“BRANCHing Out: Reflections on the Future of Scholarly Publication,” U of Exeter and the U of London Nineteenth-Century Group seminar, “The Digital Victorians,” May 2013.

Dino Franco Felluga and Herbert F. Tucker:

“A Momentous Edition of Sibling Sonnets,” live annotation session using COVE Studio, NAVSA/AVSA supernumerary conference, La Pietra, Florence, Italy, May 2017.

Joshua King:

“Emplaced Networks: ’The Cry of the Children’ and Local-Virtual Pedagogy and Scholarship,” North American Victorian Studies Association Conference, St. Petersburg, FL, October 2018.

“Rhyme and Reason Symposium,” including a simultaneous annotation session on Elizabeth Barrett Browning's “Cry of the Children” at the U of Victoria (Canada), the U of Strathclyde (UK) and the Armstrong Browning Library of Baylor University (USA), October 2018. 

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra

"Doubles and Doubling Back: On (Re)Reading Clemence Housman's The Were-Wolf," Pre-Raphaelites Online (PRO) Purdue meeting, September 2019. 

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra and Tony Harrison:

"Visualizing Christina Rossetti’s Poetry in Print, Pigment, and Pixel,” ‘Who Shall Deliver Me?’ Christina Rossetti and the Illustrated Poetry Book, Birkbeck Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies, United Kingdom, December 2018. 

Rebecca N. Mitchell:

“The Central Online Victorian Educator (COVE),” Building Sustainable Digital Pedagogy, September 2018, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, U of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Rebecca Nesvet:

“COVE Editions." A19 (19th century "area" studies group founded by grad students, but including faculty." 5-6:30 PM Tuesday 10/5/2022, Digital Media Lab, 431 Greenlaw Building, (English and COmp Lit) UNC-Chapel Hill..

Kate Faber Oestreich:

 “Neo-Victorian Adaptations of Jane Eyre and COVE: Or Aesthetic Regimes within Hypertextual and Metatextual Transformations.” North American Victorian Studies Association, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Oct. 18, 2019.​

Laura Rotunno:

 “Agency and Discovery: My Students’ (and my own) Experience with COVE Timeline Assignments.” North American Victorian Studies Association, Bethelehem, PA, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2022.​

Adrian Wisnicki:

“DH Teaching Tools Workshop on COVE (the Central Online Victorian Educator),” U of Nebraska, Lincoln, February 2019.

“COVE (The Central Online Victorian Educator): An Introduction for BAVS Members,” British Association for Victorian Studies Conference, U of Exeter, United Kingdom, August 2018.

COVE-Supported Exhibitions

Drawn to Books, curated by Rebecca Mitchell, original brick-and-mortar exhibit at Winterbourne House and Gardens, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

“Rhyme and Reform: Victorian Working-Class Poets and Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s 'Cry of the Children,’” curated by Joshua King, Armstrong Browning Library, Waco, TX, United States, including COVE timeline and map.