About COVE

COVE is The Central Online Victorian Educator, a scholar-driven open-access platform that publishes peer-reviewed Victorian material. It is maintained and supported by NAVSA and a number of independent institutions. Although all peer-reviewed material is open access, we charge a modest amount for use of our tools and the creation of non-peer-reviewed material. If you are interested in getting involved or in supporting the project financially, please contact General Editor Dino Franco Felluga.

Ten Principles for The Cove

  1. The COVE exists as an alternative to any press or commercial provider that seeks to earn profit from the work of Victorian academics. Our goal will be, instead, to facilitate scholarly and public access to our cultural heritage. We also wish to showcase to the world the value of humanities research, methods and innovations. The COVE is fully not-for-profit and embraces the expanded global nature of today’s research communities and changing dynamics of scholarly production.
  2. Not-for-profit is not the same as free, for there are substantial costs behind successful online publication. The COVE will therefore explore the generation of not-for-profit income to sustain the future development of tools and publication of COVE material. All income will support the mission of The COVE and the work of Victorian scholars. The work of humanities scholars is valuable and all profit made from such work should return to our shared collective endeavors.
  3. The COVE rejects all avaricious business practices. It seeks to present an alternative, sustainable model for knowledge production that we hope can serve as a model that other field societies will follow.
  4. Presses were originally designed to publish the best work of academics regardless of profit margins, which is why they were supported by university administrations and their books purchased by university libraries. They have increasingly failed in that mission, hampered as they have been by university budget cuts and reappropriations. The value of our scholarship should not be determined by popularity or by what can be taught to the maximum number of undergraduate students. The COVE is designed to support and publish all material that Victorianists consider important for the understanding of the period.
  5. The COVE acknowledges that teaching is an important part of our mission and will seek to support that mission through innovative tools and the publication of material that can be creatively used in the classroom.
  6. The COVE will put all material through peer review, copy-editing and proofing following standards that match or exceed those of university presses and commercial providers.
  7. All tools developed will be open source and open for use by other field and subject groups.
  8. All material published by The COVE will follow Creative Commons 3.0 licensing protocols.
  9. The digital revolution is opening up new ways of understanding the Victorian period. The COVE will seek to provide safe harbor for scholars looking to explore new ways of cultivating the possibilities of the digital medium.
  10. The COVE eschews factionalization in favor of collective support and empowerment. The COVE seeks to fight for the interests of the humanities.