Blog Post #12: December 3rd

Today was out final class. It was a real treat to see everyone’s presentations to see what their research is all about. I’m particularly excited to see what my fellow COVE digital exhibitors are working on while we navigate this website and add some original scholarship on our topics to the world! I really enjoyed listening to all of my classmates share what they believe their research will bring to the scholarly table. It is really great to see how all my fellow English majors have progressed over the past four years and developed their scholarly voices. 

Something that was so interesting to me was seeing the presentations from groups that were all doing the same text and how different their research findings were. There were several people analyzing A Christmas Carol and Goblin Market, and while several members of each group were each applying the same contextual lens to the texts, they all came up with different ideas and focuses. It was really cool seeing how several people could apply the same lens to the same text and still arrive at different observations. 

I have really enjoyed the past twelve weeks of this course. It has been a great way to mark the end of my time here at Ryerson. I look forward to seeing the research my fellow students produce for their capstone, and I really look forward to sharing my own research with the world! 

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Sharing your research with the world!

I'm keen to see how your COVE Digital Exhibit on adaptations of Sherlock Holmes develops. Have you considered using the "palimpsest" theory of adaptation that Rebecca Mitchell and Ana Maria Jones elaborate in our final course reading?