Capstone Sharing

Listening to everyone’s capstone presentation was truly an honor. To get a look into the minds of my classmates, and be able to have an opportunity to see what they see in the works that we studied all semester was a great pleasure. I took a lot from it myself, and applied some concepts that they had mentioned to my own capstone because they had taken context from things that I did not think of yet. This is the great thing about with collabroating with peers, you have the oppurtunity to learn something that you were not expecting to. Something that was extremely interesting that I learned, that actually did not come from a capstone presentation was the moment when Dr. Janzen mentioned that Dante Gabriel Rossetti actually had Australian wombats in his backyard. He was a person who enjoyed having wild creatures surrounding his space. I thought this was extremely interesting because in his illustrations of the goblins, they absolutely without a doubt mirror the look of a wombat. This was extremely interesting to learn about today because I, as a researcher, really enjoy being able to get into the minds of those that I’m researching. Naturally, after googling what a Australian wombat looks like, it’s extremely obvious that the goblins were not only a representation of Christina's vision for what they would look like but also was a representation of some thing that was extremely close to Dante as well. It also connected the piece of the puzzle as to why it was so impirtant to Christina to have Laurence Housman copy the execution of the goblins extremly accurately. It was important to the both of them. 

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