Final Blog Post for December 3

I enjoyed this final class for ENG 910, in which we all presented our capstone project ideas to one another. To see how far we have collectively come as a group with our research is fulfilling, especially with how difficult this semester has been for all of us. While listening to my classmates’ presentations, I realized just how dynamic all of these Victorian Illustrated texts are. While many of the contextual topics my classmates chose were similar, each of them used these contexts to analyze their stories in multiple ways that were interesting, original, and provided completely new insights that I had not considered before.

As for what I have learned skill-wise, I felt that this course only helped to solidify the vital research abilities I have acquired throughout the entirety of my major. Looking back, I realize that everything in my major truly has been building up to this moment, and to have completed a research project that encapsulates my experience as an English major has been both a rewarding and bittersweet process. I am also grateful to have acquired new skills through COVE; while I did choose to write my project in the traditional research paper format, learning how to publish a digital exhibit complete with images and locations is something I am sure will aid me in my future endeavours beyond the classroom.

Ultimately, I would like to thank Dr. Kooistra for a wonderful semester. Even though it was online, she designed and ran an organized online course that was easy to navigate and enjoyable to be apart of.

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Vital Research Abilities

So glad to know the course was truly a "capstone" to your four years of English Studies, and that your take-away includes a tookit of vital research abilities you will carry with you and apply in future endeavours. Planning for a capstone that was to be delivered remotely was a challenge, but COVE really came through for us!