The Aftermath of the Honeymoon

On their honeymoon they spend more time apart than together. After Dorothea and Casaubon arrived back from their honeymoon in Rome, the morning after Casaubon spoke to Mr. Tucker but while this was occurring Dorothea was wondering when her wifely devotion would begin. When she was to ask Casaubon he said "whatever you please," her excitement disappeared immediately. Later on, Dorothea ran into Celia. While speaking for a while Celia admitted that while Dorothea was gone Sir James and her became engaged three days prior. I realized that in the beginning when Dorothea and Casaubon first arrived home on the surface Dorothea appeared to possess an “appetite for submission,” to the extent that she resents Casaubon’s willingness to grant her agency. However, Dorothea is just telling herself that what she craves is “wifely devotion.” It is more likely that what she really wants is intellectual stimulation and companionship.

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Sep 1829 to May 1832

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