Battle of the Catalaunian Plains

The picture shows two men riding horses, while they attack the enemy

The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains  was a battle between a coalition of Romans and Visigoths against the Huns and their allies, commanded by their king Attila.

Tolkien has referred multiple times to a historic account of the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains by Jordanes, and analyses the two battles' similarities. Both battles take place between civilisations of the "East" and "West", both authors described the battles as one of legendary fame that lasted for several generations. Moreover, the death of king Theodoric I on the Catalaunian Fields and that of Théoden on the Pelennor share some common features. Jordanes says that Theodoric was thrown off by his horse and trampled to death by his own men who charged forward. In a similar way, Théoden rallies his men shortly before he falls and is crushed by his horse.

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20 Jun 451