Corn Laws are Repealed

Corn Laws were taxes set in place in the late 18th century, and were taxes placed on any imported and exported food and grain.  This negatively affected many individuals because they were unable to purchase cheaper foods depending on their income. In modern times we take this for granted, as we have access to limitless brands, all with different prices for our food. At times this would lead to shortages of food because it was to expensive to import food, and the farmers were unable to produce enough. These laws, however, increased incentives for farmers as property value. Because of these laws, land began making more money, and the effect of owning land increased political power more.

The corn laws have been removed which means now I can finally afford to buy more food for my family. It has been dreadful over the years, being unable to purchase food for myself due to my family, all while watching the upper-class prance around devouring food. Ever since the amount of food being available has increased dramatically, and the prices have decreased as well!

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