Council of Constance resolves Western Schism

In 1414, the Council of Constance convened with the intention of resolving the Western Schism that arose amidst conflict surrounding the legitimacy of papal claimants from several defector territories. King Sigismund of Germany led deliberations of the council, and made a failed attempt to ensure the abdication of the three rival claimants. After Gregory XII sent delegates to Constance, whom he endowed with the power to preside over the council, King Sigismund yielded his presidency to the delegates, who then offered the resignation of Gregory XII to the papacy. This gesture by the Roman papal claimant paved the way for détente within Western Europe as the election of a single legitimate pope, Pope Martin V, meant that the papacy once again had roots firmly planted in Rome. (Image Source: Unknown [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons,  

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1414 to 1418