'The Daily Chronicle' Becomes a National Daily

In 1876, Edward Lloyd bought the London Daily Chronicle and Clerkenwell News and it soon transformed from a 4-page weekly to a news publication that gained national popularity. The newspaper reported broad news coverage, art criticism particularly in literature and theatre, and the perspectives of plain-spoken leaders such as John O'Connor Power, a radical Liberal member of Parliament from 1874-1885. Though claiming to be Liberal, the paper often took a perspective further left than both center and the Liberal Party, and the views expressed often aligned with those of the Labour Party. Regardless of political affliation, the paper was a huge success and reached a wide audience. In 1896, a journal titled Book Bits reviewed The Daily Chronicle writing that "Its strength seems to lie outside politics, for it is read, not for what it says about Liberal or Conservative, nor for the sensationalism which is the mainstay of some other papers, but chiefly for its accurate representation of what is going on around us.” 



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