the first camera and photo

The very first photo taken by a camera was between 1830-1840. These images absolutely changed the culture and the way people send information all over the world. For the first time in the history of the world, you could see into a moment of time without being there. The rich, and royalty were the first to have their photos taken and proved to be much more accurate than paintings. This allowed normal people to see their royalty and rulers like it was real life. The inventor was a British man Names Fox Talbot. Fox created his first image in 1934 using silver chloride and exposing it to the sun. by 1941 Fox had completed his invention of the camera and perfected his photo capturing process. He now had a camera that used negatives just like the disposable cameras we grew up using. The cost of an image then was about $6, in today’s money that’s about $185.

When I first heard the news I thought they were talking about black magic or witchcraft. Apparently one of the townsmen has a new invention, it’s a box that can capture a moment in time and you can hold it in your hand. They call it a camera and a photograph. Ive been saving up for a rainy day, I was thinking of buying my wife a new dress, but why get her new clothes when we can have a photo that will last forever. The man in town this the photo device is named Fox Talbot, he seems to be a wise man who drives a hard bargain. He’s from London and is charging me 7 pounds.

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circa. The middle of the month Winter 1935 to circa. The middle of the month Winter 1942

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