First Delhi Coronation Durbar

Portrait of Queen Victoria1 January 1877 saw the first Delhi Coronation Durbar, organized by Viceroy Robert Lytton (Conservative) who called this event the "Imperial Assemblage." No one from the royal family attended, though the Prince of Wales visited India, 1875-76, to test Indian attitudes toward Britain and the royal family. This event in Delhi celebrated the 1876 Royal Titles Bill and proclaimed Victoria Empress of India, officially translated as Kaiser-i-Hind. Image: George Hayter, State portrait of Queen Victoria, 1860 (oil on canvas), from the Government Art Collection of the United Kingdom. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Julie Codell, “On the Delhi Coronation Durbars, 1877, 1903, 1911″

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1 Jan 1877

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