First Sunday Newspaper

In the 17th century is when Newspapers started circulating all over the place. In 1665 England had one of the first real Newpapers ever printed. The first successful daily newspaper was printed in Britian in 1702. Canada had their first newspaper in 1752. The first American daily Newspaper was published in 1784. However, almost none of them actually done newspapers on Sundays, that is, until Britain decided to put out their first Sunday Newpaper. They had the British Gazette and the sunday Monitor which was published in 1780 (later to be renamed to The Times in 1788). 

"Dear, do you think the Newspaper has arrived yet? I'm wanting to catch up on some sports and what is going on with the military." says Dr. Dean to his wife. She looks over at him with the most concerned look on her face and says "Have you gone mad? You know we won't recieve the next paper until Monday. Today is only sunday and they don't print the paper on sundays." She goes back to cleaning questioning why this even has to be a conversation. Dr. Dean speaks up "Mary Dear, starting last week they are printing out the papers on Sunday. My cousin up the street recieved one and said we should all be getting them, if we already get the paper, this Sunday. Today is- Sunday. So I will just go see if we have recieved it yet." As Mary is still very confused, she watches her husband walk outside to check their mail. She has heard no such thing about a Sunday paper. but sure enough, she sees him walking back in with one tucked beneath his arm. "Dear would you like to come sit by me and i will read to you all that it says? So we can catch up together!" Mary cracks a smile at her husband and takes a seat. 

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23 Mar 1780

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