Giacomo Casanova's Escape from the Doge's Palace:

Giacomo Casanova
  After being sentenced to 5 years in prison in the Leads, cells under the Doge's Palace lead slab-covered roof, Giacomo Casanova plotted his escape from the prison. Although his first attempt failed after he was moved to a new cell, he enlisted the help of Father Balbi, who was in the adjacent cell, to make holes in the ceiling of both Casanova and Balbi's cells to escape. They then made their way out through the roof and stayed the night in one of the other rooms of the Doge's Palace. Finally, they fully escaped the Palace after lying to a guard to get out the door. This portrait of Giacomo Casanova by his brother Francesco is in the public domain because the copyright term has been passed (author's life plus 100 years).

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