Gilbert Campbell publishes "The White Wolf of Kostopchin"

View of brown book cover with black stamped edges and gilt lettering on spine

In 1889, Ward Lock & Co. published Sir Gilbert Campbell's "The White Wolf of Kostopchin" in Wild and Weird: Tales of Imagination and Mystery. The short story takes place in a Lithuanian village on the estate of Paul Sergevitch, where several people have been killed by a white she-wolf. These attacks coincide with the appearance of beautiful young woman named Ravina, with whom Sergevitch is in love. The Were-Wolf and Campbell's text have some similarities. For example, both stories features a female werewolf in white fur clothing, who attempts to seduce and kill an unsuspecting man. However, there are no Christian elements in Campbell's story. While The Were-Wolf's antagonist White Fell is threatened by a crucifix, Ravina is killed by an ordinary bullet (Campbell, "The White Wolf of Kostopchin;" FrostEssential Guide to Werewolf Literature). 

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