In the Victorian Era a woman's hair was one of her most valuable qualities. Styles constantly changed throughout the years but hair remained a part of fashion. Hair accessories consisting of hats, bonnets, and pearls were all important at certain time periods throughout the 1800s. Hair was taken very seriously and throughout the victorian age hair was often extremely long because haircuts weren't necissarily a thing yet. Long hair was considered desirable but it had to be worn properly in public in order to be considered respectable. In the 1830's young girls were expected to wear their hair up when the reached the age of 15/16. A clean middle part with the sides slicked back into a bun, braids, or a twist were socially acceptable in this era and bangs were not in fashion. When it reached the 1840's, ringlet curls came into style. Then. gradually as hoop skirts became big so did big hair. Women begin to put padding in the sides, while keeping their hair parted in the middle and slicked back, this padding gave hair a larger and expanded look. Victorian women would make rats in their hair to increase volume as the dress style changed to things more extravagant than before. 

As a woman living in the victorian era, hair is so important as to how presentable you look to the rest of society. Having such long hair makes every day another day being invested in something that would make a girl respectable or not accepted. It's tedious having to style your hair each and every day to match the style of your dress and to meet the expectations set for young women in this era. 

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circa. 1830 to circa. 1890

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