Harmonice Musices Odhecaton

The Harmonice Musices Odhecaton (One Hundred Songs of Harmonic Music) was a collection of polyphonic Franco-Flemish songs published in 1501 by Venetian printer Ottaviano Petrucci. It was the first book of polyphonic music printed using movable type. Petrucci printed two parts on the right-hand page and two parts on the left-hand page, which allowed four singers or instrumentalists to read from the same sheet. The triple-impression technique was used during the printing process, in which the musical staff was printed first, followed by the text, and then the music notes. The Odhecaton was hugely influential in publishing and in the dissemination of Franco-Flemish musical style. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonice_Musices_Odhecaton Image source: Wikimedia Commons (public domain) 

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