Honeymoons in Brighton

In Chapter XXII, we find ourselves in Brighton where Thackeray takes his two newlywed couples--Amelia and George Osborne and Becky Sharp and Rawdon Crawley.  They stay at a hotel that matches the description of The Old Ship Hotel Brighton, which you can still visit today; Thackeray provides a description of the hotel in Chapter XXII, "A Marriage and Part of a Honeymoon" (p. 265) and also gives us insight into the time it takes to travel in the nineteenth century--Brighton is 7 hours from London "at the time of our story," which is 1815, but now only "100 minutes off" or under two hours in 1847-48.  This hotel remains a landmark of the Brighton seafront as it was in the nineteenth century.  Check out the website: https://www.oldshipbrighton.co.uk/

Amelia and George are in Brighton to honeymoon, but Becky and Rawdon also go there in pursuit of Miss Crawley, who cuts them once she finds out that her beloved Rawdon has married a "governess nobody."  Thackeray writes, "Unable to make an entry into her house in Park Lane, her affectionate nephew and niece had followed her [Miss Crawley] to Brighton, where they had emissaries continually planted at her door" (267). It is here that Rawdon makes George even poorer in continually beating him at billiards while Becky flirts shamelessly with George, making little Emmy quite disconsolate. 


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1815 to Spring

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