Honoré Beaugrand publishes "The Werwolves"

Honoré Beaugrand (1848-1906) was a French-Canadian writer, journalist, folklorist, and politician, remembered for his folk stories about nineteenth-century Québec. Beaugrand’s  “The Werwolves” first appeared in The Century in August 1898, and was also collected in 1900 with two other stories for his book La chasse galerie, and other Canadian stories. "The Werwolves" borrows from the mythology of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and French-Canadian folklore. The story remains a source of inspiration less for other werewolf novels, and more for werewolf films (such as 1913’s The Werewolf). Beaugrand wasn't the only one that saw the potential of werewolves in the Canadian cold: Clemence Housman believed that a film version of her werewolf story could easily take place in either Scandinavia or Québec (Housman "Script," Bryn Mawr Special Collections).

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Aug 1898