"The Idiot Boy" is Published

"The Idiot Boy" is a 453 line  lyrical poem written by famous Romantic era poet William Wordsworth published in 1798. The poem is told from a narrative perspective in which it highlights a boy named Johnny  who's mind is abnormal to those around him. It tells the story of a young  Johnny and his mother Betty who deeply loves Johnny despite him being disabled. The Idiot Boy was very innovatite for it's time in which the it followed rhyme schemes that wasn't typical of poets during the Romantic Era. The plot of the poem presents a sense of simplicity as it points to underlying themes of affection, love, and friendship, and prejudice. The poem makes an appearance within The Picture of Dorian Gray as a form of representation of the art  & literature present at the time.



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circa. The middle of the month Spring 1798

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