Induction of Queen Victoria

King William IV has passed away and Alexandrina Victoria will assume the title of Queen from her uncle. Queen Victoria’s reign lasted 63 years, longer than any previous monarchs of Britain. Queen Victoria was known for bringing much change economical, technological, as well as social changes throughout the British Empire. Many may not know however, that she also adopted the title “Empress of India”. Throughout her reign she expanded the British empire and brought about many positive changes. She inherited the throne at 18 years old only because there were no legitimate successors in line to the throne. In her early reign she relied on the advice of Prime Minister Lord Melbourne. She also became the first monarch to live in Buckingham palace. Four hundred thousand people attended her coronation, and throughout her early reign she was a popular monarch among the public.


Queen Victoria has just been elected as the new monarch of Great Britain and London is completely abuzz. People are flooding into the city as her coronation date approaches. Surely an individual such as Casaubon would be attending this event. I was hoping to speak to Dorothea and see if she has any knowledge on the proceedings for coronation. I wonder if Casaubon would have allowed Dorothea to view any of the information on the event.

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The end of the month Summer 1837

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