The Light Bulb

Before the modern light bulb there was only fires and candles that would light our way while being easily to blown away or snuffed. That was the way of life before the first light bulb was even thought of. In 1802 is when the first light bulb was created and light started to become industrialized. The creator Humpry Davy was the actual "first" inventor of the light bulb, but the use for it was miniscul and the shelf life was short and too bright for any public use. Now that light could be industrialized and remain versatile; humans will be able to brighten the surroundings without the need of fire. After this multiple versions of the "light bulb" was created throughout the 19th century, but none had enough of a lifespan for any practical usage nor consistency of brightness to it. Until Thomas Edison in October 14, 1878 the "first" patented inventor of the light bulb that we recognize today. The materials used: carbon filament, cotton, linen, paper, and wood splints which altogether gave it 1200 hours of life. Therefore sparking further improvements of the light buld design to light the way.

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circa. 1802 to circa. 2020

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