List of Alleged Boys Solicited by Wilde is Presented to Wilde

On April 1st or 2nd, Wilde is first presented the list of names of 13 boys he allegedly solicited "to commit sodomy." They included Edward Shelley (February - May 1892), Sidney Mavor (October 1892), Freddie Atkins (Nvember 20th, 1892), Maurice Schwabe (November 22nd, 1892), Alfred Wood (January 1893), Charles Parker (March - April 1893), Ernest Scarfe (October 1893 - April 1894), Herbert Tankard (March 1893), Walter Grainger (June 1893), and Alfonso Harold Conway (August - September 1894). It also listed several more unnamed men in three separate occasions. Mavor testified in favor of Wilde, Atkins' evidence was not used, and Schwabe, Scarfe, and Tankard did not testify. These names were all prepared in advance by Queensberry as a matter of proceedings in accordance with libel suits in England at the time where the accused (by virtue of pleading justification) must provide particulars to confirm their claim.

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The start of the month Apr 1895

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