marriage for the 19th Century

Its commonly known that marriage now-a-days goes a lot differently that it did in the 19th Century. During the 19thcentury when women got married in Britain, their laws was based on the concept of the husband having to take care of their wives. When a women would get married, she would give all of her money and/or her possessions to her husband and women weren’t really allowed to have their wealth if they were to leave the husband. There was a Act that was passed that gave the husbands a right to leave their wives if she was to cheat on him and once divorced, the husband would gain custody of their child (if they had one) and the mother can be prevented from seeing her child. However, if a woman caught the man cheating, she was not able to leave him and the Act that set this law was the Matrimonial Causes Act which had been passed in the 1850’s. Which is so crazy to think about because a woman is literally stuck in whatever relationship she ended up having. If the husband cheats on her or abuses her, she has to stay and if she leaves, she has to almost run from her husband and hide from him. But the husband can leave the wife if she cheats but then she is branded a cheater and risks losing the rights to seeing their child or children. Its honestly so hard and weird to see the difference between what is fine now and excepted now, but a woman did not have the right to do in the past.

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