Nettle Seed

Nettle Seed (Urtica dioica) also known as Stinging Nettle are perennial plants that can be found throughout the United States. This unique plant is covered in tiny hairs that are filled with a substance similar to formic acid which irritates the skin. After breaking down the plant it can be found to be very itchy. This can be compared to what is found in an average ants’ glands where they store the venom to sting their prey or attackers. Nettle seed provides several benefits and also can be toxic in overdosages. One example of a benefit is that it can be used in medical purposes. For instance, it has been linked to aiding in diabetic and arthritis cases, asthma cases, hair loss cases, and even as energy boosters (Nettles, 2020). Even though this plant that has many different types of properties it can also lead to other health issues. For instance, this plant is not recommended for pregnant women, can cause diarrhea, and renal, kidneys and urinary tract, issues in individuals (Renal, 2020). The use of this plant can be dated all the way back to the early 1800s as a result of horse sellers feeding their stock nettle seed to give them a false polished looking coat that in turn gave them a young and rejuvenated look.


It has been a whole month now that father has struck a deal with Mr. Solomon of Middlemarch for a portion of his land for in turn a percentage of the proceeds my father will make in growing and selling Nettle Seed. Mr. Solomon was very persistent to the preservation of his land and after my father told him how this crop did not require the upturning of the soil, he was okay with finalizing the deal. Now that father has a space to settle down and grow his crop, he can continue his studies on all the medical properties the plant has to offer. Ever since father had discovered that the plant my late mother was tending to in the garden aided in the immense relief of her arthritis pain, he spends his time studying the characteristics of this plant. I sometimes worry he indulges himself into his studies as a way to fill the void of my mother. Upon our arrival to Middlemarch, there has been word of a doctor in town bringing in new ideas into the medical field. Perhaps his name was Ladislaw? I shall hope my father decides to show case his findings with him in hopes of gaining a foot in the door at the hospital. Then maybe one day he will feel as if he has done enough.

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