Oscar Wilde wins Newdigate Prize for poem Ravenna.

Oscar Wilde wins the Newdigate Prize on June 26th, 1878 for poem Ravenna.  The Newdigate Prize is an annual award founded in 1805 by Sir Roger Newdigate. Recipients of the award are deemed to have written the best student poem of up to 300 lines on the topic of their choice while attending Oxford University. Heavily influenced by English writers John Ruskin and Walter Pater, Oscar Wilde’s poem, Ravenna, explores the interdisciplinary relationship that correlated the influence Italy held on the British Decadence movement. Titled after the capital city of the Province of Ravenna in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, Wilde is quick to show the crucial impact Italian culture, lifestyle, and history held in shaping the mindset of British authors and creatives as it relates to British Decadence. With intention to stress the intensity of aesthetic and aestheticism as it relates to desired lifestyle, Ravenna exuded the love and lust for celebration of all that is grandiose and splendid. 





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26 Jun 1878