Owen discovers Dinornis Novae Zealandiae

Richard Owen with DinornisIn January 1843, a consignment of miscellaneous bones from New Zealand allows Richard Owen to reconstruct the skeleton of a giant flightless bird which he names the Dinornis Novae Zealandiae, thus confirming his prediction of three years earlier that he had discovered an extinct bird. Image: Plate XCVII of Owen and a Moa Skeleton, Richard Owen, Memoirs on the Extinct Wingless Birds of New Zealand, Vol. 2 (London: John van Voorst, 1879). This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Gowan Dawson, "On Richard Owen's Discovery, in 1839, of the Extinct New Zealand Moa from Just a Single Bone"

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1 Jan 1843

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