The Picture of Dorian Gray is published

Wilde's novel was undoubtedly inspired by Huysmans A Rebours. The "poisonous french novel" which, in the novel, helps Dorian down the path of corruption is believed to be a direct reference to the book. The descriptions Wilde gives, of a single character descending further and further into debauchery after withdrawing from society, is a spot-on description of the books plot. Wilde was confirmed to have read and loved A Rebours, saying of it "This last book of Huysmans is one of the best I have ever seen." 

In addition to explicit references, the themes of Dorian Gray have much to do with Huysmans' work. The aesthetic principles of withdrawal from society, indulgence in hedonism, and emphasis on colorful prose and vivid style over Victorian restraint owes much to the French Decadent movement that Huysmans was at the center of. Wilde's play Salome was also most likely inspired by A Rebours, in which paintings on the theme of Salome are prominently featured.

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