Protestantism Reform

The Protestant reform began as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church. Germany was abusing the Catholic Church, one of them was selling indulgence. The reform triumph of literacy due to the printing press. Geneva became the unofficial capital for Protestantism. Protestantism spread from Germany to France. Protestant remind a minority religion. In the 1700s, Protestantism spread throughout Europe.  The Church of England was a result of protestant. The results of this made it where there were higher literacy rates, it lowers the gender gap for school, higher primary education, income differences between catholic and protestant, more working hours, growth in protestant cities, poor relief, and more. some negative outcomes were witch trails. 

I, Lucy am a Protestant. Protestant has been spreading through out France. I feel like M. Paul is getting annoyed with how it spreading. He is my brother or maybe more of a friend. Paul has been watching me now with it spreading. "Lucy, I feel as though you should switch now for that you may lose your job." I looked at him, I know he was watching out for me. "I am fine" I am going to keep my religion. Paul grabs my room, he throws me into the attic once again. "You must stay here until you learn about Catholicism."

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