Publication of "A Christmas Carol"

At the time when A Christmas Carol was written, most of Europe and parts of the United States were going through the Industrial Revolution which was a transition to new manufacturing processes. It created more jobs for the economy, but it meant working in unsafe conditions that were unhealthy for many because of all the smoke produced from factories. Dickens was always against the effects and ideas of capitalism taking over England, particularly with children, which is why his stories were often portrayed living in the lowest social class. It was his way of using his abilities as a writer to get his message across about poverty and labour in England during this time period. Therefore Tiny Tim is an important character in A Christmas Carol because he is a reminder of how the wealthy neglect to help others less fortunate. It is also why Scrooge is filled with regret knowing that if Tiny Tim dies, he would be to blame because he knew Bob’s family was struggling financially and he would have done nothing to help them. Following the visit from the three ghosts, Scrooge realizes how he needs to change his life and use his wealth to help others starting with Bob Cratchit’s family.   

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19 Dec 1843