The publication of Consolations In Travel; Or, The Last Days of a Philosopher 1830

Sir Humphry Davy who would come to be known as the first celebrity scientist turned to writing as he began preparing for his final days. While being a man of science his love of poetry would become apparent in Consolations In Travel; Or, The Last Days of a Philosopher which was published posthumously in 1830. Davy discusses everlasting concepts while on his deathbed which after the publication, would become a staple in the scientific community and general public. Anne Bronte references this work by title in her novel The Tenants of Wildfell Hall in which one of the main characters is in possession of the book. Davy was a ‘jack of all trades’ in the science community engaging with an array of complex topics such as inventing the field of electrochemistry, and discovering multiple elements which ultimately led to his work with nitrous oxide in which he coined the term ‘laughing gas.’ The reference to this book by Bronte shows just how influential Davy and his literature are to the world. 


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