Publication of Pride and Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice (originally named First Impressions) was introduced as a second edition of Sense and Sensibility published by Egerton. Thomas Egerton gave Austen £110 for the rights of her book when she asked for £150. When she published Sense & Sensibility, she published it on a commission basis. She sold out of her first edition, which earned her £140, but she then sold Egerton the copyright in a one-payment, meaning he received all of the repercussions and the profit. Later, it was calculated that Egerton made around £450 from the first two editions of the novel.This novel was also not tagged with the author as "A Lady" but instead with "the Author of Sense and Sensibility." The novel was published around the same time as the Battle at Victoria, which closed up the Peninsular War in which Wellington was victorious in Spain and France was driven from Holland, Italy, and Switzerland (37).

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