The Reception of "Sense and Sensibility"

Sense and Sensibility was widley popular, and Austen was represented in a positive light by both liberal and conservative journals, showing that even if her novel depicted poilitical claims, she did so in a way that was so subtle, that her points and her style and competence were held at an equal standing in the eyes of both sides. Robert P. Irvine writes about the novel's public reception in depth in the following quote"In fact the first edition sold out, and received an immediate, warm and extended review in the Critical Review of November 1811, as well as an equally positive if shorter notice in the British Critic in May the following year: the Critical Review was a liberal journal and the British Critic a conservative one, so this represented recognition from both sides of the political spectrum" (Irvine 48).

Irvine, Robert P.. Jane Austen, Taylor & Francis Group, 2005. ProQuest Ebook Central,
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