Representation of the people act 1918

While reading Middlemarch there are many references made to the election so I was curious what age you were able to vote and who exactly could vote. With the representation of the people act of 1918 it enabled any male over the age of 21 and only females that were over the age of 30 and owned land that was worth at least 5 pounds at the time. with this act being validated men no longer needed any property requirements to vote so now all men of lesser wealth were able to participate in the voting process which was an extremely positive addition to parliament. Not all women could vote with this act but at the time it was a step in the right direction that at least some women would be able to let their voices be heard and participate in the general election. This bill was a huge step in the direction for Parliament and was widely appreciated.

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The start of the month Summer 1918

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