"She-Wolf of London" (1946)

She-Wolf of London (alternatively titled Curse of the Allenbys) was released in 1946, directed by Jean Yarbrough and starred June Lockhart and Don Porter, and is another crack at the female werewolf story from the angle of mystery rather than horror.

With a title evoking Werewolf of London (1935), the plot concerns Phyllis Allenby (June Lockhart), a young and beautiful woman set to be married to her barrister fiancé (Don Porter). She lives alongside her aunt Martha, cousin Carol, and servant Hannah, Phyllis becomes convinced that she is under the “curse of the Allenbys” as Scotland Yard detectives suspect a “wolf-woman” of being the murderess of several victims whose throats were torn out, and who was seen prowling near Allenby Mansion.

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Event date:

17 May 1946