A French physician by the name of Nicolaus Andre in 1756 provided the term “tic douloureux”. Tic-douloureux, a chronic pain condition, also known as trigeminal neuralgia or simply referred to as a “tic” is a “severe, stabbing pain to one side of the face (Khatri, 2019). According to WebMD it happens as a result of the spasm coming from one or more branches of nerves that mandate the sensation to the face of an individual. The nerve in particular is the trigeminal nerve. These jolts of pain can be caused by vibration or physical contact with the cheek or facial region. For example, shaving, applying makeup, everyday activities like brushing one’s teeth or eating and talking, or simply being in the path of a wind gust (Team, H, 2020).  This spasm is thought to be one of the most excruciating conditions to affect individuals and the pain time can range from seconds to a couple of minutes. The term tic takes form as a result of the involuntary muscle pain causing discomfort and showing it on the face as a grimace or flinching. Even though this condition is not curable they produce medications to subdue the pain. In extreme cases surgery can be done when medications are not efficient. There is no real dysfunction of one’s face muscles and is only painful during the attacks. This detail came from Mr. Farebrothers thoughts pertaining to Mr. Lydgate after visiting his and Rosemond’s establishment.


Oh, how I wonder how long this ghastly disease will take control over my friends’ life. I cannot stand to see her in so much discomfort. For some odd reason there will suddenly be a jolt of pain on the side of her face and in turn she winces in displeasure as a result of it. She describes these sensations of pain as sharp and acute. Feeling at a loss of options, I called for Doctor Lydgate to come and take a look at my friend at her expense. She is rather stuck in her conservative ways and as a result she formulated hatred for his developing ideas and practices. Despite her opinion she was able to suppress her feelings and opened up to the idea of being his patient. Lydgate was able to successfully diagnose her predicament as Tic douloureux. We were all displeased to know that this disease was not essentially curable but there were medication options that would help subdue the pain. He talked about subscribing an opiate for her which should sedate her. Even though I do not doubt his subscription, I do fear the fact that he prescribed her an opiate which is a very powerful drug that gives euphoric effects (Opioid, 2020).  I surely hope this does some justice to her malfortune.

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