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In 1826 London University (its original name) was established fro the radical ideas of founder Jeremy Bentham. This was the first university to be establishe in London at the time and the first in England to accept any student no matter their religion. They were also the first insitution to accept women. Their motto is "Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward" and is now known as the Univeristy College London. 

Dear Dairy , As i past by the big brick building I see a sign that reads "London University" i think to my self "this is it. This is my future." I stare down at the acceptance letter and cannot believe that me, a jewish woman, will finally be able to expand my horizons. I have made it in and i will be able to accomplish everything I want. Im off to do great things. Sincerly Meridith.

(Three weeks later) Dear Dairy, You will not believe all the things im learning. The thrill i recieve from walking to and frokm class. How no one cares what religion i am or what gender i am! So far im passing all my classes and my mother writes me often to tell me about her and father and how much they miss me. I miss them too. But the more time i spend here, the more i fall in love with my education. London Univeristy is the best thing that has every happened to me. I'm so thankful for this amazing opportuinty. With other woman along side me. Im off to my class for the day. Until next time i write. Sincerly Meridith.

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