The University of Padova’s Anatomical Theater

Constructed in 1594 by Girolamo Fabricius Acquapendente, the anatomical theater at the University of Padova’s Palazzo del Bo is the oldest surviving anatomical theater in the world. The theater has an elliptical shape and has six tiers carved from walnut, with enough room for 300 guests. The tiers are designed so every student would have an uncompromised view of the dissection table, which is still in place. Andreas Vesalius practiced in this anatomical theater and dissections were performed until 1872. An original inscription can still be seen today, which reads, Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae (This is a place where the dead are pleased to help the living). Sources: & Image source: and it is public domain.  

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1594 to 1872