University of Padova Established

Padova University played a significant role in the development of modern medicine. Where there had been a lack of interest in observation of the natural world due to the dichotomy established between the terrestrial and celestial world, body and soul. Writings of the physical world by Aristotle were rediscovered and interpretation given by the Moem Averroes (1126-1198), which renewed an interest in the natural world by proposing a compromise: it is possible for believers to overcome the contradiction between the Bible and scientific knowledge through double truth. In Bologna and Padova especially, the dissection of the human body emerged as a common practice from this renewed interest. The philosophical focus of studies in Padova created a positive space for anatomical studies to be conducted since Aristotle's writings had been rediscovered and a renewal of interest in the natural world was being cultivated. The first detailed anatomical textbooks and understanding of the human body came out of the studies being conducted at the University of Padova.

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