A Visit to Vauxhall

Vauxhall, also known as the Royal Gardens or Victorian Pleasure Gardens, is an important location that Becky, Amelia, Jos, George Osborne, and Dobbin visit in Thackery’s Vanity Fair. The outdoor space was the center of entertainment, defining London’s nightlife with music and dance, fireworks and food. At Vauxhall, Jos has a few too many drinks of rack punch—a sweet alcoholic drink—and disturbs the party with his intoxicated behavior: he sings and flirts with Becky, his “‘dearest diddle-diddle darling’” (66), who expected to receive a marriage proposal at the gardens. Dobbin, after spending most of the night carrying Amelia’s white cashmere shawl (an important Regency/Victorian object), steps in to save the party from total disaster: he escorts Jos Sedley back to his home.

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Summer 1813

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