"Werewolf of London" (1935)

Debuting in 1935, Werewolf of London is a horror film directed by Stuart Walker, and starring Henry Hull as Wilfred Glendon, the titular werewolf. Dr. Glendon is a wealthy and respected English botanist who is bitten while on an expedition to retrieve the mariphasa lupina lumina in Tibet. Although the plant staves off the effects of lycanthropy, Dr. Glendon is still driven to attack people. Several hunts occur, a second werewolf is revealed, Scotland Yard gets involved, and love is threatened by all before the credits roll (“Werewolf of London”).

This is the first film to successfully create what is considered the werewolf “look”: a horrific wolf-human hybrid, rather than someone who transforms from human to wolf.

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Event date:

13 May 1935