"A Woman of No Importance" is First Performed

Oscar's satire of gender roles in upper-class society is first performed at London's Haymarket Theatre. It wasn't the first of a few of Wilde's plays produced by or workshopped with the theatre's manager, Herbert Beerbhom Tree. It tells the story of the bachelor Lord Illingworth and his illegitimate son, Gerald, who must choose between his parents for his future. Critic William Archer remarked after its release that Wilde's playwriting "must be taken on the very highest plane of modern English drama." It was wildly successful, bringing in £100 a week to Wilde, and the reviews had some major detractors like Henry James, but many were also quite positive. The play was then published the following year, but the tour was cancelled after a mere four months once Wilde was arrested for sodomy.


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Richard Ellmann's Oscar Wilde.

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19 Apr 1893

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