“La Lune d'Été” By Andrew Kay Womrath


“La Lune d'Été” (The Summer Moon) is an illustration by Andrew Kay Womrath who was an American artist born in Philadelphia in 1869. Womrath’s oeuvre include works in woodcut, drawing and watercolour. “La Lune d'Été” was originally one of two illustrations that Womrath contributed to The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal which was a Celtic revical edited by William Sharp and published by Patrick Geddes and Colleagues between the years 1895–1897. “La Lune d'Été” and “Un Soir de Juin” (appeared in The Summer Book of the Evergreen Magazine and are illustrative of the summer season. The two women are shown in an idyllic outdoor setting and engaged in the leisurely act of playing music and singing. The women in “La Lune d'Été” are wearing dresses reminienct of Victorian 'tea gowns' with flowing sleeves and long, loose skirts worn without petticoats or crinolines which were popular amongst women in the aesthetic circle. The original artwork is reproduced as a line-block engraving and the artist’s signature is conspicuously visible in the right bottom half of the image in a square box. Other prints by Andrew Kay Womrath could be found in collections of the Britsh Musem and The MoMA, amongst others.


Yellow Nineties 2.0 edited by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra


Yellow Nineties 2.0 edited by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra

Andrew Kay Womrath, The MoMA https://www.moma.org/artists/6433

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  • Andrew Kay Womrath

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Summer 1896