The Brontë Cabinet

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Letter written by Charlotte to her friend Ellen Nussey

Letter by Charlotte to Ellen Nussey, April 21, 1844

In The Brontë Cabinet, (2015), Deborah Lutz investigates material objects owned by the sisters—e.g. souvenirs, mementos, books, writing desks—to illuminate the sisters’ lives.  Material objects that the sisters created, touched, lived with, and incorporated into their writing help us to set the Brontës’ writing in their cultural moment and to understand each sister better. In our final classes, we will construct our own Brontë cabinet by choosing either an artifact Lutz mentions from the sisters’ lives—writing desks, letters, paintings, etc.—or objects in the sisters’ novels. The object you choose might best be illuminated in context of related objects; for example, the contents of a writing desk might accompany a gallery case on a sister's desk.  Write a caption to explain the item or items you have chosen to put on display to remember the Brontës' lives and their literary legacy.