Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Christina Rossetti (c. 1850)
DGR, Christina Rossetti


Dante Gabriel Rossetti's original portrait of Christina Rossetti was completed around 1850. As William Michael Rossetti explains, "The portrait of my sister given in the present volume is taken from a pencil drawing done by Dante Gabriel, which remained quite unnoticed (and by myself forgotten) until I turned it up among her miscellanies after her death. It is much like her, and is possibly the sweetest version of her face that he or anyone ever produced. I should not be surprised if it were a slight study preliminary to the picture Ecce Ancilla Domini (National Gallery)" (xiii). The volume of poems WMR mentions was published by Macmillan in 1896: New Poems by Christina Rossetti Hitherto Unpublished or Uncollected.

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