A Famous Austen Heroine in a Frame


The silhouette of Elizabeth Bennet, the quick-witted and pretty protagonist of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is shown above. Like the other four of the Bennet sisters eligible for marriage, Elizabeth was thrown into a world of gentlemen, refined ladies, balls, and potential suitors upon the arrival of the wealthy Charles Bingley and company. Despite her initial prejudice towards him, the fiery Elizabeth falls for Bingley's cold and prideful friend Fitzwilliam Darcy feels the same way and pursues her, and a romance unfolds. Acrylic paint was used in both the blue background of the painting and the silouhette itself. A drawing that was cut into a stencil was used to outline the silhouette onto the wooden plate, and black paint was then used to fill in. 

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  • Helen Hornor