Findens' Tableaux

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Findens' Tableaux is a gift annual produced between 1837 and 1844. In this gallery, we have the text and accompanying engraving for 5 short stories or poems. 'Arabia: the Arab Maid' (poem by L.E.L.) and 'Africa: The Rescue' (prose by S.C. Hall) are from the 1837 edition (edited by Mrs S.C. Hall, London: . 'Ceylon: The Lost Pearl' (prose by Mrs Mitford), 'America: A Story of the Indian War' (prose by Mary Howitt), and 'Georgia: The Georgian Sisters' (prose by H. Harrison) and from the 1838 edition (edited by Mary Russell Mitford, London: Charles Tilt, 1838).

Cover of Findens' Tableaux