George Eliot, Engraving by George J. Stodart, from François D'Albert Durade's 1881 Painting (1885)
George Eliot, Engraving by G.J. Stodart (1885) (based on the portrait by Durade)


George J. Stodart (1784-1884) based this steel engraving on the 1881 painting by François D'Albert Durade (Holland 1881, 47). The portrait was one of the few that George Walter Cross officially approved for reproduction after George Eliot's death, and Cross featured it in his publication of George Eliot's Life, as Related in her Letters and Journals (Cross 1885, 2: frontispiece). Stodart also engraved portraits of other prominent authors, including an 1853 representation of Mary and Percy Bysshe Shelley, which he based on a monument by Henry Weeks ("George J. Stodart" 2020).

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Winter 1850